Why You Should Study Abroad


  1. Now is your chance, if you’re in school! I am on track to graduate in four years, despite a semester abroad. Talk to your adviser or study abroad coordinator and they can help you figure everything out.
  2. It is actually cheap. Worried about money? You can apply to a huge number of scholarships offered by organizations and colleges that want people like you to study abroad. Once you go, making money is possible – some of my friends work – and if you go somewhere inexpensive, like I did, your expenses might be lower than they are back home. Prices while shopping, buying coffee, paying for room and board (with my amazing host family), and recreating treat my wallet kindly.  Studying abroad will not necessarily set you back financially – and it will boost your resume and hiring opportunities when you return.
  3. It is really easy. Your university wants you to go abroad – and so they make things easy. Set up an appointment with your adviser or study abroad coordinator to realize just how simple it might be, regardless of your major.
  4. To live with an amazing host family. Joining the crowds at a futbol match with your host brother and his friends means truly immersing yourself in the culture. Speaking Spanish, while discussing current events, going crazy at soccer games, and eating authentic foods with my host family enrich my time abroad and allow me to enjoy every single day.
  5. To learn about yourself. You grow as a person. If life begins at the end of your comfort zone, as people like to say, then life must begin when you study abroad.
  6. To learn a new language to put yourself ahead. Not only does it open doors for your future, and broaden your global awareness – it gives you a sense of accomplishment and happiness.
  7. To be a part of globalization. Get out and see the world, because our planet’s seven billion people are more interdependent than ever.
  8. To improve your communication skills. In an era of increasing internet usage and crumbling communication skills, studying abroad and working across cultural barriers will boost your ability to interact with others.
  9. It will change the way you think. Anything you do after heading home will be enriched by the unique perspectives, skills, and thought-processes you gained abroad.
  10. To have the time of your life. Study abroad has ups and down like everything else, but the downs will be the best learning experiences and the ups will be the most fun times of your life.







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