Ten Reasons Why Ecuador Sometimes Annoys me

Just because you love something doesn’t mean it doesn’t occasionally get on your nerves. Imagine a brother, mother, or significant other–you might love them, but some of their antics just drive you up the wall.

I suppose my brother and mother fit the bill, but right now I’m referring to Ecuador. Yep. Sometimes it gets on my nerves.

Over a month ago I wrote a list of 10 Reasons Why Ecuador is The Perfect Study Abroad.ttp://christopherabroad.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/ten-10-reasons-why-ecuador-is-the-perfect-study-abroad/

I stand by that opinion–this life-changing trip is the perfect study abroad–but some things drive me nuts.

1. Motorcycles driving on the sidewalk during rush hour.

2. No toilet paper in the rest rooms

3. Having to pay 10 cents for the rest room and then finding out that there is no toilet paper.

4. Pollution.

5. Everything being so inconvenient. Nonetheless, I have learned to be patient and enjoy the adventure in everything.

6. The bus chófer collecting money at the most winding stretch of the whole ride.

7. Ecua-time… things go slower and more deliberately here–but it’s also a lot less stressful!

8. It costs $1.74 but you have $1.73

9. When the line for the ecovia bus is ten times longer than at Ben and Jerry’s on free cone day. (How many more poeple can fit on the bus? 10 more!)

10. Gringoism. Not sure if that’s a real word or not, but I shouldn’t be charged a boatload extra just because I’m a gringo! I’m not necessarily morally opposed to hiking the price for foreigners–the taxi drivers need the money–but there should at least be an exemption clause for students. On the plus side, I have mastered the art of regateando (bargaining) and have on occasion sold myself as an Ecuadorian to avoid that Gringo Price.











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