Classes at USFQ

Study abroad.


I swear it isn’t a hoax! We really do study.

To the surprise of many, who think the study in study abroad is a guise, I spend a lot of time studying, including several hours every day this week in the library. Most of it has been for my group history project–an analysis of a divergence point in the pre-Columbian history of Ecuador. It is my most challenging class by far, though I am really enjoying my group which is all Ecuadorians. While all of my classes are fully in Spanish, for History we have up to 40 pages of textbook reading–dense enough were it in English–that can take a long time to finish every night. It is a good thing I have been keeping up because I was prepared for today’s “prueba de sorpresa”–pop quiz.

Anthropology class is a bit dry, and my Spanish language class is the most interesting, since we learn hundreds of vocab words and my professor even makes the dreaded subjunctive tense an interesting study subject. Here is a sample of vocab words:

Arduo – Difficult

Rehén – Hostage

Por doquier – All over the place

Escampar – to stop raining

Hacer hincapié en – to put an emphasis on, make a priority

Chuta – exclamation of surprise; shoot!

Now when you come visit Ecuador, you’ll know how to say “There are hostages all over the place but we can’t make rescuing them a priority because it won’t stop raining-shoot!”

My Spanish is improving drastically, but I have started saying some weird stuff when I speak in English. For example, I will literally translate a Spanish expression into English and it won’t make any sense… Or I will call my bank in the US and start talking in Spanish. Oops.

That is it for now. I have to study now so that I will have time to travel to Otavalo this weekend 🙂













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