Mindo Cloud Forest



Back to Mindo! The cable car from which I took this picture was a bit sketchy, especially in the middle of a thunder storm. But it took us to a gorgeous canyon stuffed with waterfalls:

IMG_4904 IMG_4955

The hike would have felt almost like Oregon, had it not been for the heat, humidity, tropical birds and bugs, warm water, and tropical flora. All that aside, the steep chaquiñan (trail), moss everywhere, lushness and crystal clear waterfalls felt almost like Silver Falls, the Gorge, or somewhere else in western Oregon.


After dinner at the chocolate factory, we celebrated my friend’s 20th birthday and then played soccer with some Ecuadorian kids in the town plaza. Soccer really is popular across the world. It’s played in the US too of course–I played on an intramural team in the spring–but it’s nothing like in Kenya or Ecuador, where all they want to play or watch is soccer.

Children especially love playing futbol. I have many fond memories of playing soccer with kids in Kenya and no doubt I’ll make memories playing soccer here too. There is something special about it that leaves you exhilarated afterwards. Perhaps its that competition is so universal, so fun, or so simple. In celebrating a goal, fist-bumping your teammate, or laughing so hard that you cry, there is something that makes a truly human bond.


Birds and butterflies are amazing in the cloud forest:

IMG_5124IMG_5025 (2)

We went to a butterfly garden where there were literally thousands of butterflies. One specific species of butterfly, the “owl butterfly” loves feeding on squished up bananas set out on dishes. By mushing some banana on my hand I has able to get them to land on me!

IMG_5080 IMG_5118













One thought on “Mindo Cloud Forest

  1. It’s a pleasure to read about your adventures, the thrills and the spills! Looks like you are making the best of every moment and enjoying it to the fullest! Bravo!


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